Výživová a zdravotní tvrzení při označování potravin - přidávání vitaminů, minerálních látek a některých dalších látek do potravin

Commissioner, let me begin with a short quotation from a letter I received recently from a company which employs more than 100 people: ‘With great concern we are following the debate on the claims regulation’. The regulation on our desk today will make enterprise more complicated and will increase costs for consumers. Companies will increase prices and the increased prices will harm consumers, consumers whose needs and interests we mention whenever and wherever we can.

I think it is common sense to let companies look for their competitive advantages by themselves and let consumers make a choice. I want to stress that we do not take into account individual choice and individual responsibility. People are fat and people are inactive. Some people are becoming fat and some are getting slimmer. How easy it would be to blame companies, producers, retail chains and governments for being fat.

I am strongly against the second reading proposal on our desks. It harms enterprise, it increases prices for consumers and it ignores common sense. Our lives are in our hands and there are no entitlements without meeting obligations and individual responsibility first.

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